What I do

Haider Ali is an entrepreneur, marketing professional, and scrap supplier. He is Co-Founder at Broadway Trading Company, in Pakistan.
In Plastic Recycling, specialised in Post Industrial/Post Consumer plastic recycling such as ABS, PC, PET, PET PELLETS, PET LUMPS, PET FLAKES, PC, PC POST INDUSTRIAL WASTE, PC CD MATALISED AND NATURAL MATERIALS, & more other regular plastic business.

Haider is a professional with 11 years of diverse work experience in environmental, recycling and plastic manufacturing. He is also a social media influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

How I do it

In our trade area we have services of different channels in all big plastic waste markets from Pakistan. We buy the commodities locally from all our counter parts nationwide and then finally store it in our godown where we have services of very vigil and aggressive staff for the chain process of cleaning, crushing, segregation, & packing etc.

We are able to provide clients from the Compounding sector with a wide range of products from the plastic field we have been regularly exporting to China mainland, Hong Kong, UK, India, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirate, Saudia, Japan, Korea, Italy, Greece, and Spain.


Born in KARACHI Pakistan, Haider Ali Holds a Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors of Commerce from The University of Karachi.

He launched his first trading enterprise Broadway Trading in October 2006.

With various accomplishments as a young man entrepreneur from Pakistan, Haider Ali operated and expanded DATA CORE NETWORK a total network solution company in Pakistan from 2005-2011 as its Chief Executive.

In August 2010 Haider went to the rural areas of SINDH and personally contributed and supported FLOOD relief efforts with her peers and workers.


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With history of work experience in corporate banking, stock trading, publishing, philanthropy, international trade, retail and franchising, Haider Ali is a young, passionate and determined PAKISTANI – all set to charge and change the mindsets and give people that SPARK which they must utilize in seeking the change they wish to see for themselves! for their country! for the world!


I believe in social, moral, emotional, and mental revolutions. All you have to do is:“Change the way you think”